Zandvoort by Night

Zandvoort by Night

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Zandvoort Beach by Night
The Story Always begins with a girl or this is what “they” say. I agree with that but if you ever find yourself in Haarlem you must pass by the Zandvoort. One of the Netherlands major beach resorts, bordered by costal dunes and long exposure moments before a sunrise in June.
I all so agree with the fact that “love is passion search of a truth other then your own; and once you feel it, honestly and completely, love is forever.”
Well.. I don’t know about you.. but for me this is the most beautiful description for what love should be about. And it shouldn’t require more then a window in time, a sandy worm beach with small white houses and a 30 seconds exposure before sunrise to make it happen.
Till then here is a preview of my idle midnight on Zandvoort Beach.
Enjoy it.

beach house long time exposure

haarlem beach house

beach night exposure

zandvoort beach by night

zandvoort beach house night exposure

beach surf board

beach surf board zandvoort

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