The Team

The Team

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It’s like this:

Starting with the most important supplier when it comes about protection (even on bike) Mathieu!! He is probably in Turkey right this moment.
In the back, on the left side we can see The Manager aka Theo (and when I say The Manager.. I mean The Night Account Manager).
Near The Manager, we have the alternative choice for your Architecture (let’s put it this way.. he’s not Dutch.. but he can multitask while riding on a bike trunk).
In the right side of the picture.. and I am sure this couple doesn’t need an introduction. I mean it! Take a look at that smile, you will recognize it everywhere. Only Alina with her Special Effects can do that, powered by Stefan who always starts his mornings with organic tea (I taste it it’s good). So, if you will ever need someone to design your day, starting with breakfast and ending with taking pictures on a bridge over the sea.. while drinking beer in between.. I think Stefan will be crazy enough to do it!

Even so.. if you will ever find yourself on a bridge, at midnight, with a team like this.. just jump into the picture and make an epic moment out of it!

As for Gary (the guy who lives and rocks on the sea) thank you for being a great host!


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