Swisscom Mobile Apps

Swisscom Mobile Apps

In 2014 I joined the Mobile Team from Swisscom under the umbrella of 3 Screen Solutions GmbH & Co KG and along three different teams of developers: iOS, Android and later on Windows Phone we start working on what till the end of the year was set to redefine the Mobile TV Application scene from Switzerland.

During this process, I took the previews experience from the Swisscom TV2.0 project to another level. This time the final product was not one, but three different mobile applications that had to complete the set-top box project experience.
Working on all mobile platforms and in three distributed teams at the same time, it was a real challenge. But being the link between the UI team and the Development team helped me understand the big picture and as well helped me to avoid and exceed both software limitations, team challenges and easy up the processes inside the project.


Building up this application was a game changer on the Swiss Market and later on, all the hard work was proven by the awards received later on.

In April 2015 Swisscom TV 2.0 Apps won ‘TV Connect Award 2015’  in London for ‘Best Multiscreen TV Service.
Silver Award for ‘User Value’ at the ‘Best of Swiss Apps Award 2015‘ and the nomination for ‘Best User Experience for Mobile’ at the ‘8th Annual Mobile Excellence Award 2016’ in L.A.