Barcelona 2014

Barcelona 2014

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What can you do with your Phone Camera during 12 days in Barcelona

During the summer vacation of 2014 in Barcelona, I decided to make an experiment and for the first time use only my phone to document my vacation.
Originally this idea started from the question: Can the phone camera replace the classic video camera?
And now looking it back the answer is: YES!
Not only that, but if you invest a bit of effort into it, you can create really surreal movie with your phone camera. And the beauty of it is that: you have it all the time with you, is light, you don’t need extra gear and since you are in vacation, it can be fun.

The reason why I want to share this with you guys is because I’ve seen a lot of people investing money and energy in professional cameras. Most of the time they are heavy to use, record high end content that will be lost on a external hard drive. And why? Because is too complicated to be edited or share with friends. While a phone camera with a few tips and tricks it can make your life way much easier.

Before pressing play let me tell you what was my recipe of a good vacation video:
1 Phone – iPhone 5
2 Hooks – for drying clothing – for static shooting usually while not moving
1 AppHyperlaps – I used it because in 2014 my phone did not had a timeless mode as nowadays. And because it has a in-house stabilisation, that shoots and polished time lapse videos that were previously impossible without bulky tripods and expensive equipment.
Ahh and last.. shooting 30 to 60 seconds short videos of the surroundings without even looking in the camera most of the time.
At the end I’ve did a selection of this videos, create a sequence add a soundtrack and that was it.

The result is right here, hope you enjoy it.
Barcelona 2014

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